Creating Links in Word

This article describes how to create links to content in a Word document, such as a Weekly Activities template or Visual Index.

Read Me First!

Dropbox links must end with the code: ?raw=1  - otherwise links in the Word document won't work.

Always save Word documents in PDF format. These render better in Dropbox than actual Word documents.

Quick Start
Copy the link, select the text in the Word document for the link, then use Command+K, Command+C, Return, to create the link.

  1. Copy the link from the web, Canvas, or Dropbox.
  2. Use the Insert Link command in Word to paste the link.

Before you create the Word link, you need to copy the content link to the clipboard of your computer.

Choose the detailed step below that matches what you want to link to. After you copy the link, continue with Creating the Link in Word.

Folow the step for the type of link you are creating in Word.

Now you have a link students can click to reach the content you chose in Part A.


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