Zoom Meetings Overview

This article describes using Zoom for online meetings with your class. These instructions are specifically for the Zoom Pro at-large account. This permits you to have a meeting of more than 40 minutes.

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Before starting Zoom meeting, make sure to share the correct URL with students.

Quick Start

Click this URL: https://zoom.us/j/2103027977.

The Link for an Unlimited Meeting

Our at-large Zoom Pro account meeting URL is: https://zoom.us/j/2103027977

The account information is:

  • User Name: first.last@iaia.edu
  • Password: #$4Getmein


Starting the meeting

To start Zoom meeting, simply click this link.

Sharing your screen

Sharing your screen allows other attendees to view whatever you display there.

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A Word document attendees might collaborate on
  • Anything else you want them to see.

Recommended way to share your screen is to select Desktop option. When choosing an app, it will only share the app window.

Giving remote control

You can give remote control to any participant. This allows them to

  • Point and click with the mouse
  • Type on your screen from their keyboard.

You can also control your mouse/keyboard while remote control is on.

Tip: Don't move your mouse if someone else is trying to do something on your screen.

Stopping remote control

Using Chat

Tip: You may need to bring the chat window. It will flash orange on student screens.

How to End a Meeting

When the meeting is over, you can end it for all attendees.

How students will join the meeting

This video shows how students will join the ongoing meeting.

Send this link to students. The linked article tells them about Zoom meetings from a participant's perspective.  

We recommend you do a trial or two of running a meeting with us before going "live" with students.



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