Blueprint Course Template Scheme

This article explains how the Blueprint master template and department-level templates work.

Master Course > Blueprint Course > Canvas Course

The following figure shows how course content flows from the Master Course (maintained by Academic Tech Staff) to Blueprint courses, and then via sync into Canvas courses to which the Blueprint course is applied.

Master Course

This course contains all content deployed to Blueprint courses. The intent is to keep all Blueprint content in one place, rather than scattering it about multiple Blueprints. Then if a standard piece of a Blueprint course changes, we can copy this content back into the Blueprint courses. Below is an example of module content in the Master Course.

Blueprint Courses

Blueprint courses contain content that can be applied to normal Canvas courses. This content can sync from Blueprint to linked Canvas courses via a Sync command.

Content in a Blueprint course can be locked. This prevents teachers or others from editing that content.

Other content in a Blueprint course may be unlocked. This allows revisions to the content. However, if a new sync is performed, any teacher revisions to unlocked content will be lost (overwritten by the newly-sync'd content).


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