Transcripts for In-person Class Sessions

Updated Apr 04, 2021

You can create highly accurate and readable transcripts for class sessions. This may be required as an accommodation for a student. Teachers can also arrange to make transcripts to benefit teaching and learning outside of any accommodation request.

Tools Needed

Four tools are necessary to create transcripts and make them available to your students:

  • Otter Transcripts - You'll need an Otter Pro account to make the recordings ($50/year, paid by Online Learning Dept.)
  • Wireless Lav Mic - You can reserve a wireless mic that connects to your computer; or it's possible to use your mobile phone
  • Computer - Wireless mic connects to your computer during class sessions, sending the audio to Otter
  • Canvas - Our staff can create a transcripts page in Canvas. We can even add a special link to this page

Zoom - It's also possible to create transcripts directly from Zoom class session recordings. See this article for details. (in-development)


  1. Make an appointment with Online Learning staff to create an Otter account and upgraded it to Pro.
  2. Check out a wireless microphone, or a lav mic you can use with your phone - See Media Checkout for assistance.
  3. Sign in to Otter and use your mic to record class sessions.
  4. Copy a link from each transcript into your Canvas course. (Online Learning staff can help you set up this page.)

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