Integrating Zoom into Meetingbird

Meetingbird is a great platform to create a meeting time for both online and offline. It also allows the user to integrate their Office365 email and as well as their Zoom account.

In order to integrate Zoom, you will need a Zoom account to link to the meeting link.

Zoom integration

  1. Login to Meetingbird.

Once you click the add an integration, choose Zoom; it will direct to you the Zoom website, just login and it will immediately link Zoom to your Meetingbird account.

Tip: A Zoom meeting is simply a location for the Meetingbird scheduling link. Whenever a new meeting is scheduled, Meetingbird and Zoom automatically create and share a Zoom meeting link.

Start creating a scheduling link, then...

The Zoom meeting link will appear in your appointment message. It will also appear on your calendar.


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