Getting a Free Zoom Account

IAIA has pre-enrolled all faculty. Please view the other article here:
Signing up for Pro Account 

Zoom is an online meeting service that's very easy to use. A basic account is free, and permits meetings of up to 40 minutes. This article shows you how to sign up for your own account.

Initial Sign Up and Confirmation

Here's where to start : Zoom - Sign Up for Free Account (Opens in a new tab.)

Setting Up Your Account

Zoom displays your Personal Meeting URL. This is your permanent meeting link for your account. That's very useful because you can use the same link over and over again.

Mobile Phone App

Zoom works on smartphones and tablets too. After the meeting a web page appears inviting you to give a phone number for a text link to their app. You can install the Zoom app any time. So no need to do this now.

1. Close the tab with the phone app invitation. (You're now back to the Zoom signup page.)

In the next article, you'll learn how to adjust your meeting settings and copy your personal meeting link for use in your course and email messages.


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