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Setting Up Courses for INCOMPLETE Students

This article shows how to set up courses for Incomplete students.

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Generally, incomplete students may have more than 1 courses that they did not complete the semester. This procedure applies to all the courses that are concluded for the semester, but the student needs access to these courses.
Even with the courses being available to students, instructors still need to add the due dates specifically for the students in assignments/discussion. Assistance for instructors need to be offered as needed.

Quick Start

Look up the courses that the student was enrolled for the semester and make sure that courses were published for the semester. If any of the courses were unpublished, no need for the student to be able to have access to the unpublished course.

Change Course Available Date to Specific Date

Change the course availability date just for ending. This way, the course will show up for instructors.

Add and Edit Sections

Create another section called "INCOMPLETE (Student's Name)" then change the available date for the section by editing the section.

Repeat the same action again as above for the main section where all the students are enrolled. This way, even if the course availability is changed, these students under this section will not see the course as available.

Assign the incomplete student to the section

Under People, make sure that you enroll the student to the newly created section that is named "INCOMPLETE (Student's Name)" Also do not forget to OMIT the main section.

Assign Instructor to Incomplete section

Repeat the steps above (same as student enrollment) to assign instructor to Incomplete section. This way, the course will still show up in their dashboard after the semester is over.

Canvas currently does not offer any automated way to set up incomplete students.


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