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Preparing a Plugin Package with Jamf Composer

To install plugins, you must use the Composer app to create an install package.

Always create plugin packages via a virtual machine (e.g. Parallels). This ensures the cleanest install package possible. Using snapshots (shown later in this article), you can easily return the virtual machine back to a "clean" state. This ensures that the code saved for the install is not cluttered with settings for other apps/plugins.

These instructions assume the use of Parallels Desktop as the virtual machine platform.

The Package Creation Cycle

The following steps comprise a package creation cycle.

  1. Launch Parallels Desktop and go to the "Clean" snapshot.
  2. Launch the Jamf Composer app and take the initial snapshot.
  3. Install and configure the desired Mac app.
  4. Finalize the package creation.
  5. Revert to the "Clean" snapshot, then repeat steps 2-7 to create more packages
    Revert to the "Clean" snapshot, then shut down the virtual machine.

3. Install and Configure the App

Now you install the Mac app as you would on any computer. Usually, you simply double-click the install package or DMG file, then follow the steps to complete the installation.

If there are configuration settings you want to set for the app, you should open the app and make the settings before going on to the next step.

4. Finalize the App Package Creation

5. Finish the Cycle

If you wish to start a new package creation cycle, repeat Steps 2-5 above. If you are done, Shutdown the virtual machine with the normal command.


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