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Upload Files to a New Folder

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You may often want to place files into OneDrive for a specific course. This article shows how to view OneDrive on the web, create a new folder, then upload files to it.

Create a Folder in OneDrive on the Web

1. Sign into your IAIA email account with your web browser, then...

Now that you've created a folder, you are ready to place (upload) new files into it.

Tip - If you've created video or photo files on your phone, it's best to share them to OneDrive this way:

  • iPhone -- Save the files to iCloud, then upload from iCloud Drive on your computer into OneDrive.
  • Android -- Save the files to Google Drive, then upload from Google Drive on your computer to OneDrive.
  • Either via OneDrive -- Install the OneDrive app on your phone. Then you should be able to copy files from iCloud or Google Drive into OneDrive

Upload Files to the Folder

Once the files are uploaded, you can create links to them to share in Canvas, or other platforms. See the next article for details on creating links.


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