What is a Cross-listing or Cross-listed Course?

Updated Apr 25, 2018

In Canvas, courses are a shell for your course contents; "sections" are a shell for enrollments.
Cross-listing your courses mean that you are merging multiple Empower course sections into one Canvas course. 
(See examples, below.)

Requesting a cross-listing

When you need your courses to be cross-listed, please visit iaia.edu/faculty-help for the Faculty Help Map. Then use the "Report a Canvas Problem" form to submit your request.

Cross-listed courses Examples

IAIA's Business and Entrepreneurship department has a good example; all the online Business courses (D1) are 'merged' into on-campus courses (01). What it does is it allows instructors to develop one course while it has both on-campus enrollment and online enrollment. 

Checking Enrollments (Sections) in a Cross-listed Course

Cross-listing is recommended when you teach multiple sections of the same course. All students in each section see the same course content.

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