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Organizing Mind Maps as Resources

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This article shows how to create "course" in order to organize mind maps and other learning resources.

Quick Start

In GoConqr:

Create New Course > Add New Module > Select "Resource Only" template > Start adding your Mind Maps as your resource

Read Me First!

A course in GoConqr doesn't connect directly to any course you have in Canvas or Digication. GoConqr courses are just a convenient way to organize your resources, such as mind maps.

Create a Course

Creating a course in GoConqr allows users to manage their resources such as Mind Maps.

Edit Content Module to Add Resource

In this article, we encourage you to select "Resource Only" view since we are focusing on viewing Mind Maps.

Select the Mind Map you have created previously.


After the Course imports Mind Map as resource, it should look like this.

Creating courses allows you to organize and manage your study materials easily.


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