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Recording with Loom

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Once you install the Loom extension in the Chrome browser, you are ready to make a recording.

Open Your Presentation File

If it's not open already, open your PowerPoint (or other presentation app) file so it's ready to display your presentation.  

Start the Recording

Record and Finish

You can now open your slide show, go into presentation mode, and record your narration for each slide. Once you're done, you can finish the recording.

On very left bottom corner of the page are buttons to cancel, pause and finish the recording.

pause and cancel buttons
finish button

After the Recording

Once you finished it will automatically save the recording on your account, it will also give you link to the video as shown below.
You are able to explore the tools Loom has to offer.

The next article tells you how to send a link others can use to view your video.


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