Install EpocCam (iPhone)

Updated Mar 18, 2021

EpocCam is an iPhone/iPad app that turns your device into a streaming webcam. EpocCam allows you to use your phone for:

  • Streaming video from your iPhone to an Apple TV
  • Choosing your iPhone as your video source during a Zoom meeting

Four Steps

The following steps will set up EpocCam to work with your computer. (Estimated time, >10 minutes.)
Click each heading to display the steps.

1. Connect your iPhone to Your Computer

You can use your WiFi network, or a lighting or USB-C cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.
To use WiFi, make sure your iPhone and computer are on the same WiFi network.

Tip - A cable connection tends to produce the best video quality with the best stability. Your studio/classroom tripod kit includes a lightning cable, with a USB-C adaptor.

3. Purchase and install EpocCam

Be sure to purchase the Pro (not the free) version of EpocCam. You can request reimbursement of the $8 cost from Academic Tech staff.

App Store link to EpocCam Webcamera for Computer (Red app icon)

4. Make the EpocCam Connection Setting

Once you've installed the app, you need to tell it how to connect to your computer.
(This enables you to use EpocCam as a video source during Zoom meetings.)

5. Test EpocCam

You should test EpocCam in your studio or classroom. You can also test it at home, by using the app as your Zoom webcam.

Additional articles in this manual show how to stream your EpocCam app image to an Apple TV.
You can also learn how to pin your video to Zoom so your streaming video appears as the speaker view.

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