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Department Chairs can access all course evaluation results for all courses within their department. This article shows you how to log in and access these results. You can access department evaluation reports through Canvas or the MyCourseEval webpage.

Access Reports Through Canvas (click here to view)

Begin by opening any of your Canvas courses.

Click on "Course Evaluations" in the menu on the left of your Canvas course. You may need to scroll down to see this option.

Access Reports  by Logging in to MyCourseEval website (click here to view)

Login URL: MyCourseEval Login Page

Login Name: first.last  [identical to your Canvas login name]

Login Password: [Faculty ID]# [example: 1234567#]

TIP - When you log in the first time, you'll be asked to change your password. It will need to follow the rules shown on the screen.  

Viewing Course Results

After you log in to MyCourseEval, you'll see some general information for your department.

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