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Signing Into the Portal

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You sign into the portal from the IAIA home page.

Portal Sign In Page

Starting from the IAIA home page, look for Portal at the bottom-left of the page.

Portal Link
Portal Button

Signing In

In the next step, do not include @iaia.edu


The portal displays  buttons for IAIA systems.

What to do next

If this is your first time using the IAIA portal, you'll need to add user names and passwords to the buttons.

Green tag in the corners show uninvestigated buttons

Before you can use the buttons, you need to add your sign in information. Expand each item below for details on how to add sign in information.

Setting Up the IAIA Email Button
Settings gear
Sign in fields
Setting Up the Empower Button

Now usernames and password fields will appear.

Settings gear
Info Input
Click Save
Setting Up the Digication Button
Settings gear
Fill in Username and Password
Click Save
Setting Up the Canvas Button
Settings gear

In the next step, be sure to add a # symbol after your user ID number.
Example: 1006203#

Fill in Username and Password
Click Save

Be Sure to Sign Out and Close Browser!

After you finish using any public computer:

  • Sign-out of everything
  • Quit/Exit the web browser you were using.

Now that your log in information is filled out, you can use the Portal to access any of these services with a single click.


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