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If Your Courses Don't Appear in Canvas

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This article suggests why some courses might not appear in Canvas and how you can fix this.


There are a few key reasons why some of your courses may not appear in Canvas:

  • Some faculty are not making use of Canvas. (This is actually against campus policy.)
  • Your teacher did not yet publish the course (make it visible to students).
  • Sometimes our campus student records system (Empower) may not have sent all of your class schedule to Canvas

What You Can Do

At your next class meeting, ask your teacher if she or he has published the course.

You can also use the steps below to view all your Canvas courses, not just those in the Dashboard, or the one's you are taking this term.

If your course isn't published yet...

  1. Ask your teacher to publish the course.
  2. Contact Academic Technology staff at: [email protected]
    Report a Canvas problem at this form: Canvas Student Help Form
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