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Adding an Image to a Discussion Posting

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You can add an image to any discussion posting. There are two steps:

  1. Upload the image to your personal Canvas file storage.
  2. Embed the image into your discussion post.
1. Upload the Image File to Canvas (click to view)

First, you'll go to your Canvas files area and upload the image.

Tip! - You can add more than one image in Step 5 below:

  • Mac - hold down the Command key as you click each file
  • Windows - hold down the Control key as you click each file
2. Embed the Image into the Discussion Post (click to view)

Now that the image is in your file system, you can place it into a discussion post.

Attach a Document to a Discussion Post (click to view)

If your instructor enables this feature, you will see an attachment button. This method doesn't make a picture visible in the body of your post. Instead, there will be an attachment others can click to download and open the file.

Your instructor must enable this feature. If she/he has not, you won't see the Attach button in Step 1 below.
If Attach doesn't appear, please let your instructor know.

You can continue typing anywhere in the discussion posting after placing the image. You can place more than one image by repeating the steps above.

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