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Submitting an Incomplete Grade

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This article describes how to submit an application for an incomplete grade. It also shows how you later indicate the student's final grade for the course. This process replaces the old paper form, and is now entirely online.

Summary of Incomplete Grade Application and Completion Process

  1. The student makes a request for an incomplete grade to her/his instructor.
  2. The instrutor and student agree on the work to be complete and the due date.
  3. The instructor applies for an incomplete grade using the Incomplete Online Form.
    (See instructions below.)
  4. The Academic Dean approves the application.
    (Student and instructor receive automatic notifications via email.)
  5. The Registrar's office enters the Incomplete grade into Empower.
  6. Academic Tech makes the Canvas course available to the student. Student submits required coursework.
  7. Once the student submits the required assignments, the instructor updates the status of the incomplete by logging in to the data portal and checking-off completion.
  8. Notify the Registrar -- Send an email message to the IAIA Registrar, with details of the student's final grade.

Update the Status of the Incomplete

Use the steps below to update the student's status after coursework is completed (or the finish date passes).

  1. Use this link to visit the Incomplete Data Portal page.
  2. Log in to the Data Portal with your IAIA Email Address and faculty ID number.
  3. Find the student. Under "Completed" column, check off the box.

8. Notify the Registrar

Send an email message to the IAIA Registrar ([email protected]) with details of the student's final grade.
Include the following details:

  • Course ID (e.g. 20FA.ENGL.101.D2)
  • Student Name
  • Final Grade

This article explained how the Incomplete grading process gets started. In the next article, you will learn how to work with these students in Canvas. (Click Next article in the lower-right corner)


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