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Finishing Incomplete Grades in Canvas

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This article shows you how to create assignments for students in the Incomplete section of your Canvas course.

Canvas Incomplete Section Setup

After the Registrar enters an incomplete grade into Empower, Academic Tech staff create a new Incomplete section in your Canvas course. The course open date is extended until the End Date indicated in the Incomplete form.


The following will take place as you and the student finish the Incomplete:

  • An Incomplete section enrolls any student's who received an Incomplete grade.
  • Students will have access to the Canvas course as they did during the regular term.
  • You can adjust the duration of the course, as long as it is within the official deadline.
  • You can use existing assignments or create new assignments as needed.
  • Students can receive notifications/announcements from the Incomplete course.

Video - Incomplete Canvas Course Setup Preview

Viewing Incomplete Student Section(s)

Take a moment to review the Incomplete section set up by Academic Tech. This should only contain any student(s) assigned an Incomplete grade. (Or you can see the Incomplete sections under People.)

Assigning an Incomplete Student to Existing Assignments

Please Note: We recommend that you use "Add" for new Due Dates. Then when you copy the course contents to a future term, the normal due dates are copied too.  

  1. Select an Existing Assignment, then "Edit."
  2. Scroll down to Due Date section, then click "Add"
  3. Under "Assign to," select the Incomplete Section

Video - Assigning the Incomplete Section to an Assignment

Creating New Assignments for an Incomplete

Creating completely new assignments for Incomplete students is not recommended. However, instructions for some of the assignments may not translate well for Incomplete students. In such cases, as an instructor, you may find it more appealing to create a new assignment.

Example cases include...

  • The student missed an assignment that was a discussion post.
  • The student missed an assignment that was based on field trip... etc.
  1. Create a new assignment in Canvas
  2. Assign the Incomplete student section as you would for existing (shown in Steps 2-3, above).

Handling Incomplete cases can differ case-by-case. If you have any questions regarding your Incomplete setup in Canvas, please contact [email protected].


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