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For the first two weeks after the end of Spring Break, all IAIA courses that met in classrooms will hold a Zoom meeting at the time that a classroom meeting would normally have taken place.
Example: A class that met Monday/Wednesday at 9:30am will hold a Zoom meeting at these times.

Mountain Daylight Time - If you are in a different time zone from campus, make sure you attend the Zoom meeting at the time it would have been held in Santa Fe.

No Account Needed: You do not need a Zoom account to join your teacher's Zoom meetings. You do not need any special login to join the Zoom meetings. Just click the link to join the meeting.

New Zoom Tab

Starting Fall 2020, IAIA courses feature a Zoom tab on the left side of the page. This tab gives you access to any Zoom sessions scheduled for the course.


It's possible a few faculty may not have made the Zoom tab visible. Use the information below if you don't find the Zoom tab.

If the Zoom Tab Doesn't Appear in Your Course (click here to expand)

Use the information below if you don't see a zoom tab or button in your course.

Video Example - Join Class Meetings (click to view)

This short video (1-minute) shows how easily you can get into online class meetings after Zoom is installed. 

Video Examples - Installing Zoom for the First Time (click to view)
Video Example - Join a Zoom Meeting from a Canvas Phone app

How to Join Your Class Meeting

Go to the Syllabus page in your class' Canvas course, then click the Zoom link.

Syllabus for Student Hub Course - Vivaldi

The First Time You Use Zoom...

The very first time you join a Zoom meeting, it will install a small piece of software. Follow the on-screen steps to install Zoom, then it will get you into the meeting.


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