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Returning Your Textbooks to eCampus

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At the end of the term, you must return your textbooks to eCampus. This article shows you how to look up your current textbooks and print a shipping label to return them.

Shipping your textbooks to eCampus is free. Follow steps 1-3 below to ship from your home.

On-campus Students: If you are on-campus, you can return your textbooks to the campus bookstore.

Deadlines for Returning physical Textbooks

  • Deadline to Return books to Campus Bookstore is the last day of finals.
  • Deadline to ship books back via mail is one week after the last day of finals. Students mailing back their textbooks via UPS must have them postmarked by this deadline, or you will be billed (see next item, below).

In-person Class Textbooks: For courses ending in October, please return your textbooks as soon as your in-person class is finished.

Billing for Unreturned Books - No late textbook returns will be accepted.

Textbooks not returned by the deadlines above are billed to your IAIA tuition account.  You will be billed 50% of the list price of each book you choose to keep, or for any books not returned by the deadline.

Need Help? - If you need assistance returning your textbooks before the deadline, contact the IAIA bookstore or email to [email protected]

1. Sign in to eCampus

Quick Start - Click here to open IAIA's eCampus website. Or copy and paste https://iaia.ecampus.com

2. Print Your Return Label and Packing List

3. Box and Ship Your Books

  1. Place the packing slip inside your box and place the label on the outside. You MUST have the packing slip inside the box in order for this return to be processed and to avoid late fees.
  2. Take your package to the nearest UPS (United Parcel Service) store and send it off!


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