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How to Attach Documents to Reading Assignments

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There is an optional Reading Assignments assignment in the Residency course. This article shows how to attach one or more documents (usually PDFs) to this assignment.

Before You Begin - The steps below work well if you need to attach just a few reading files. If you have several files to attach, you may want to upload them to the files section of your course before linking.

Write for assistance using this form. We should be able to respond within an hour or so, or sooner.

Tip!  Repeat Steps 3-6 for any additional files. Add a new line before adding the next file.
Once you've added all the files, you are ready to Publish the assignment with the step below.

Publishing the Assignment

Tip!  This assignment remains invisible until you publish it. You can choose to publish later if you wish.

Your optional assignment is visible to students and ready for use.


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