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Customizing a Discussion

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This article shows how to customize the discussion that appears when you copy the basic Canvas course.

Video - Discussion Overview (click here to View)
Video - Discussion Creation (click here to view)

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  • Discussions can be gradable or not graded
  • You can link a discussion to other parts of your course
  • You can add images and links to external websites and video to discussion instructions
  • It's highly recommended that you instruct students what to put into the subject line of a discussion

Get Me Started

From within your course, choose Discussions > Introductions > Edit
Or use the detailed steps below.

Customizing a Discussion (step-by-step)
Go into editing mode
Customize the name & Instructions

You can give points for participation in any discussion. You can also have ungraded discussions.
Click the link below if you want to add grading to your discussion.

Making a Discussion Graded (optional)
Saving and Publishing the Discussion

Students won't see the assignment until you publish it. You can choose whether to publish the assignment when you create it, or to reveal it later.

You can add images and links to websites or videos to discussion instructions.

  • Adding an Image to a Discussion (to be developed)
  • Adding links to a Discussion  (to be developed)

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I think there is too much text, particularly on the second text box.

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