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Customizing an Assignment

Updated Jul 19, 2018

This article shows how to create an assignment in Canvas and to publish it to make it visible. You can use the links below to jump to specific details, or read on to the Read Me! and Quick Start sections.

Read Me!

  • You can link an assignment to any page or module in your course.
  • You must publish an assignment, or it won't be visible to students

Quick Start

From within your course, choose Assignments > +Assignment
Or follow the detailed steps linked here.

1-Start Edit
Publishing the Assignment

Students won't see the assignment until you publish it. You can choose whether to publish the assignment when you create it, or to reveal it later.

You can edit any assignment after you create it. There's even a check box at the bottom of the assignment editing screen where you can notify students that the assignment has changed.


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