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Creating Study Plan Pages

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This article shows how to take a mentee's study plan and turn it into a page in your Canvas mentorship course. Doing so makes study plans more easily accessible throughout the term. An example of a mentor module and mentee pages look like is below.

Create a Module (click here to view)

If you haven't created one already, create a module in your mentorship course.

Create a Page
Insert Two More Indented Pages

We'll insert two more pages for the study plan and book reading list.

Repeat the steps above to add a page named Reading List.

Copy and Paste the Reading List

On Step 5, you'll use a special paste command that makes "clean up" of the text easer.
The Paste and Match Style command strips away unnecessary formatting from the Study Plan form.

Save and Publish ensures that the student can see the page.

Add additional pages and mentee sections as needed to fill out your mentor module.

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