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Creating a Canvas Collaboration

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This article shows how to use Collaborations tool in Canvas course. Collaborations tool allows instructor to share documents with students.
Recommended: Use the Office 365 Collaboration

Read Me! 
For a detailed overview of this tool, read the Canvas article: What are Collaborations?
If you are looking for any other collaborative tools/ways to use Canvas, please see Collaboration Tools Handout distributed by Canvas. (See below)

Get Me Started - Start in your course. Be sure to sign into Office 365 first (see next note, below).

Recommended - Use the Chrome browser when creating a new collaboration.

Before You Begin

Important! - Sign into Office 365 before you start to create your first Office 365 collaboration.
Keep your Office 365 account logged in on another tab. Do not sign out until you've finished the collaboration.
[Link to Canvas Community article with this advice]

When you click on "Load in a new window," a new window will pop up and show the word doc you just created via Canvas tool.

Testing Your Collaboration

Apparently, you cannot preview the collaboration in Student View.

Academic Technology staff can answer questions you might have about using this tool.
Email [email protected], or call Russel at (505) 424-5797


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