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Managing Enrollments in Your Canvas Course

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There are two ways you can manage your Canvas roster. Both the commands below cause your course to disappear from the student's Canvas Dashboard.

  • Deactivate User - This removes student access to the course without deleting any submitted assignments/discussions/login data. 
  • Remove from Course - This removes the student and deletes any assignment submissions or other participation.

Read Me! 

Do not use Remove User if the student has made any submissions of assignments or discussions to your course. It is best to retain the record of any submissions (or missed assignments) once the add/drop date for the term has passed.

Get Me Started

Log in to Canvas to select your course. Then click 'People' tab to click the three-dot icon; choose "deactivate user". 

Adding Students

You shouldn't need to add students yourself, but there are times of emergency that you have to enroll students yourself.

After you add students, you will see they are in a pending status. Students will have to log in to Canvas and 'accept' your invitation.

Deactivating Students From the Course

Deactivate students (rather than remove) except for drops prior to the Add/Drop date the first week of the semester.

Removing Students From the Course

Only remove students who drop during the first week of the term. Deactivate students who withdraw after this date.
Removing students from the Course deletes any user-associated information such as submitted assignments/discussions/login data.

Academic Tech department generally advise instructors to deactivate students, but if students have not made any submissions or logged in to canvas, we recommend to remove the student rather than deactivating.

Empower is always the last-word on student enrollments. Deactivating or removing a student from your roster does not substitute for a properly-executed instructor- or student-initiated withdrawal.


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