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Submitting a Photo to Canvas Assignments (Android)

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Some assignments may require you to take a photo of artwork for submission. This article tells you how to go from a photo in your phone to submitting the image to the assignment.  

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It is recommended to download Canvas Student App for both iOS and Android devices.

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Before you start, make sure what kind of device you have (Android/iPhone/) and click proper section of the article.

1. Share the Photo by Google Drive (Android Phone)

In this section, it is showing the way to upload images to Google Drive to share. However, you can choose whichever apps you would like to share.

1.1. Submitting a Photo to a Canvas Assignment using Google Drive (Desktop/Laptop)

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Make sure to download Canvas App on Google Play.

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Russel Stolins

Rather than covering both Android and iPhone in the same article, we should create two shorter articles; one for each. In general this will be easier for users to navigate and less intimidating than a long article that covers everything.

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