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Submitting a Photo to Canvas Assignments (iPhone)

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Some assignments may require you to take a photo of artwork for submission. This article tells you how to go from a photo in your phone to submitting the image to the assignment.  

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It is recommended to download Canvas Student App for both iOS and Android devices.

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Before you start, make sure what kind of device you have (Android/iPhone/) and click proper section of the article.

1. Share the Photo to Yourself by Email (iPhone)

Once you've taken the photo, you'll want to view it in your photo app. Then tap the Share button.

You may be asked to set an image size. A large-size image should allow your instructor to see plenty of detail. (Depending on your phone's camera, Usually no need to send full-size.)

After the message is sent, you'll normally go back to viewing the photo.

1.1. Save the Photo from Email on Desktop (laptop) - Click to View

Next, you'll want to access your email and save the image to the computer.

  1. Log into your email account.
  2. Open the message with the photo you sent to yourself.

There are many ways to submit your photos to Canvas Assignments, but we recommend you utilize the Canvas mobile app since it is easy to navigate.


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