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Customizing "Start Here"

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"Start Here" is a module in every IAIA Canvas course. Its purpose is to inform students of everything they need to know during the first week of the semester. Topics in Start Here will usually include:

  • Welcome to the Course (words of welcome from the instructor)
  • Getting Help with Canvas
  • Textbooks and the IAIA Bookstore
  • The IAIA Library
  • Safety Standards (department-level policies)

This article shows you how to customize Start Here.

Adding Words of Welcome

You should add your own words of welcome to students on this page. The page will normally be blank when your course is created or copied.

Editing a Page in Canvas

Adding Pages to Start Here

You can add pages to the Start Here module if needed. This works identically to adding pages in any other Canvas module.

Adding Canvas Pages to a Module


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