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Adding Module Navigation

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This article shows you how to add weekly module navigation to your course. A Canvas course with a semester of weekly modules and pages can require a great deal of scrolling. Adding two weekly navigation pages makes for easy access to any materials in your course.

Preview [click to view]

Below is a Preview of how the Module Navigation Works

Copy the Course Navigation Module [click to view]

To make development of this navigation easy, Academic Tech has developed a module navigation template you can pop into your course. You access this from the Canvas Commons. Once it's in your course, you simply create links to the weekly modules.

Move the Module [click to view]

If you already copied your course content, the newly copied Navigation module will be at the bottom of the list. You should move it to the top. Fortunately, there's a way to do this without scrolling it up by hand.

Set Module Navigation as Home [click to view]

The Module Navigation pages will be most effective set as the Home page for your course.

You're done! After midterm exams, you can re-set the Home page to be the 2nd Half Navigation page.

Once you've designed the module navigation pages, they should work from one term to the next.


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