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Creating a Peer Review Assignment

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Some IAIA faculty want to assign a peer review for coursework. This article briefly summarizes how peer review works. It also contains links to official Canvas documentation about this assignment setting. As time permits, this article will be revised to the standard of our other articles about Canvas.


Peer Review is a setting you can make when you create or edit an assignment. It essentially requires a student to review and comment on the assignment submissions of one or more classmates.

There are two formats for Peer Reviews:

  • Assignment Peer Review - You can require peer reviews on assignment submissions.
  • Discussion Peer Review - You can require peer reviews for online discussions.

Alert: Canvas does not allow you to score the peer review separately from the assignment itself (the original submissions by your students). If you want to score peer reviews separately, you must create a separate assignment and manually give each student a score for their peer reviews. (See videos below for practical demonstrations of this.)

Recommended Workflow - Based on some quick research, the following workflow is recommended

  • Create an assignment for the coursework/project to be peer reviewed.
  • Create a discussion for the Peer Review - Teach students how to attach a photo or other file to the discussion.  (Student Instructions)
  • Instruct students to reply to each classmate post of coursework in the discussion.
  • Grade each student in the discussion on the quality of their critique/comments.

The links below display brief videos about peer review assignments from the student's and teacher's perspectives.

Peer Review Settings

Below are some common settings and notes about requiring peer reviews.

Edit Assignment - Vivaldi

The links below are to articles in the Canvas Higher Education Community or Official Canvas Instructor Guides. These tend to be very comprehensive (long) and in-depth. All these links open in a new tab.


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