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Creating a Module

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Canvas modules allow you to put your course content into convenient groups. This article shows how to create a module and add a page of content.

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  • Modules are containers for pages and other types of course content.
  • Depending on your content, you can create modules for weeks, groups of weeks, or course projects.  
  • Modules must be published in order to be visible.
    • Items within a module aren't visible if the module itself isn't published.
    • When you publish a module, all items within it are automatically published.
    • You can unpublish individual items within a module

Don't use modules if you haven't closely studied how publishing them works.

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From within your course, choose Modules > +Module.
Or use the detailed steps below.

Example of a Module
How to Create a Module (Step-by-Step)
Adding a Page to a Module

A given module may have just a single page/content item, or several.

Publishing Modules and Items Within Them

You can freely add modules. Don't feel like you must use an individual module for each week if it doesn't increase access for students. Each additional module also adds scrolling for your students.  

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Russel Stolins

Publishing icons on pages and modules have changed. (No longer represented by clouds.) So some figures require an update.

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