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Class Transcript Settings in Zoom Pro

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Step 1: Turn on Automatic Transcribing in Zoom Pro setting

Turning on Automatic Transcribing in Zoom Pro will enable Zoom recordings to contain Subtitles. 

Step 2: Connect Otter.ai and Zoom from Otter.ai account

With the move to Zoom online class sessions, we are going to discontinue the use of a shared Otter.ai account (the one for [email protected]).
With your Zoom Pro account, you will use an Otter account linked to your IAIA email account.
Questions? Contact Russel.

Connecting Otter.ai and Zoom account enables Automatic Otter recording of audio and transcription of each Zoom meeting. (You need to log in to Otter.ai for the recordings)

Once you make the connection, your Zoom class session recordings will also be transcribed on your Otter account. Then you can share the transcripts as you did earlier in the semester.


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