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Creating Zoom Class Sessions (Canvas Integration)

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Starting in Fall 2020, IAIA courses have a Zoom integration built right into Canvas. This allows you to create and start Zoom sessions from within Canvas, rather than creating meetings in the Zoom desktop app or website.

Best Practice - Please Read!
Use the same Zoom meeting link for all of your regular class sessions! You don't need to make a new meeting for each session. During the summer, multiple Zoom meeting session links just caused confusion.
The method shown below (video and steps) works perfectly to set up a single link that will work throughout the term.

Video Demo

This quick video shows how to set up the class session. Visual steps follow.



Done! You've set up regular Zoom class sessions for the term. Students can use the same Join button for all sessions of this class. You can also copy and paste the link in other places in your course.

See Your Zoom Class Schedule as Your Students Will
Go to the Home page in your Canvas course, then use Student View to see your course as students do. Click the Zoom tab (on the left) to see the Join buttons for your class sessions.


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