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All IAIA courses must contain specific, baseline content in Canvas (our present LMS - Learning Management System) This standard was adopted in Fall 2020 by the IAIA Faculty Council. This standard applies to all IAIA courses: online, in-person, and hybrid.

The Standard

The standard requires the following baseline elements:

  1. Assignments in the LMS - Each major course assignment must have an LMS assignment  with due date  where students can submit their coursework.  
  2. Gradebook - Student grades for major course assignments must be listed in the LMS gradebook, where students can reference their course status.
  3. Course Syllabus must be posted - Every course must have the official course syllabus attached to the Syllabus page in the LMS.  
  4. The course outline must be accessible in the LMS - Every course must have a version of the course outline in our LMS. That is, a student should not have to open the course syllabus to view the course outline.
  5. Faculty online office hours must be posted - This could be a link for a Zoom session (which the instructor runs when office hours take place) or an Appointment link (allows student to schedule an office hour

Details and Advice

The sections below contain detailed advice to add each element to your course (click each element to view details):

Assignments in the LMS

Create a Canvas assignment for each significant assignment listed in your course syllabus. This provides students the means to submit this assignment online.

Step-by-Step: Creating a New Assignment
Video: Assignments Overview (vendor-created video)


You must list student scores/grades for each significant assignment. This is also the ideal place to give students detailed feedback on their assignments.

Step-by-Step: Grading Assignments
Video: Canvas Gradebook Overview (vendor-created video)
Video: Speedgrader Overview (vendor-created video)

Course Syllabus

Convert your course syllabus to PDF format, then attach it to your course. The steps below show you how.

Step-by-Step: Adding Your Syllabus to Canvas

Course Outline

There are a number of methods you could use to add your course outline. We recommend the highly functional Fluid Design model, developed and supported in-house at IAIA. Other methods include the creation of a page to list course activities throughout the term, and the use of Canvas Modules.

For the best advice and support, make an appointment with IAIA Academic Technology staff to go over your course. We can get you started with the most appropriate method.

Make an Appointment with Academic Technology staff (displays available time slots you can select from)

Faculty Online Office Hours

There are a couple of effective methods for adding office hours:

  • via Zoom - You can list your available times on the Syllabus and Welcome pages, then simply launch a Zoom meeting during those times. Your students can drop-in and out as they need to.
  • via Calendly (recommended) - This free web-based app allows you to list available days and times to meet. You students can view your schedule and select a time slot to meet. The meeting invitation includes your Zoom meeting link. To get started, use the link below to make an appointment (using Calendly!).  Make a 15-minute Appointment with Academic Technology staff

Get Individual Help (from a human)

Make an appointment with IAIA Academic Technology staff for individual help. This is the most efficient way to get started.

Make an Appointment with Academic Technology staff (displays available time slots you can select from)


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