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Meeting Tower Settings for Zoom

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The Meeting Tower is very easy to set up for a Zoom meeting. In fact, most of the settings take place automatically when you start a Zoom meeting with the Tower connected.

Read Me First - Sequence to Start Zoom Meeting

Follow the steps below to set up your Zoom meeting with the Meeting Tower.

  1. Set up and power the Meeting Tower, connect the USB cable to your computer. 
  2. Connect to the 4K monitor, set up mirroring, etc. 
  3. Start your Zoom meeting. 
  4. After a pause, the Meeting Tower should take over the audio and mic. 
  5. Use the video setting button to select the Meeting Owl Pro as the video source. 
Visual Connection Sequence Flowchart

If the procedure above is not followed, the Meeting Tower video might cut-out a few minutes into your meeting. Just power the Meeting Tower off, then on again to resolve. (You don't have to start a new Zoom meeting.)

Special Settings

Video Example

What the Video Looks Like (click here to view)

The Meeting Tower displays a special view to remote participants. It doesn't appear this way on your screen, but it will to your remote students.

Audio Settings for Mac and Windows (details)

Mac Settings (click here to view)

Set the Meeting Owl as the Audio, Speaker, and Video source.

Mac Audio/Mic Settings (click here to view)

If you can't hear meeting participants, or they don't hear you clearly, review your Sound settings.

Widows Settings (click here to view)

Start your Zoom meeting, then check to ensure the Meeting Owl is set as the source for Audio, Speakers, and Video.

Adjusting Windows Audio (click here to view)

If you have difficulty hearing or being heard, double-check your Windows Sound settings.
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Zoom Meeting ID: 164-661-993
Zoom Meeting ID: 164-661-993


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