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Searching and Saving Zoom Recordings

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There is no need to lose important videos when clearing old recordings from  Zoom storage space. It is simple to save recordings you want to maintain for future use or reference.

You can save recordings from Canvas, or from Zoom.us. Choose the method that works best for you.
If you want to...

  • Search for specific videos to save - use the Zoom.us method
  • Save a few videos from a specific course - use the Canvas method

Searching Zoom Recordings

You can search your Zoom recordings for specific words and phrases. For example, you could search for the word "decolonization" and Zoom displays each video with a transcript that contains that word.
Note: This search capability is only available from Zoom.us (see the next section).

Save Methods (Zoom or Canvas)

Saving Recordings from Zoom.us (click here to view)

To start, sign into your Zoom account at zoom.us.

A list of recordings appears. Videos must be saved one at a time. You can view a video to see if you need it by clicking on the title.

Your video downloads to your computer's Download folder. From here, you can save it anywhere in your own file management system, including to an external drive to save space on your computer.

Saving Videos from Canvas

You can also save videos from the Zoom page in Canvas. This has the benefit of only displaying videos from that specific class.

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Once you've downloaded a video session, we recommend that you delete it.


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