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With the campus transition to mostly online courses, new expectations of classroom behavior are necessary. This article offers basic standards for IAIA Zoom sessions.  

See the IAIA Student Handbook (pages 6-7) for details of student conduct consistent with these standards. (Link to Student Life webpage, which links to current Student Handbook)

Be Engaged

Class Behavior — Participate in Zoom classes as you would in an in-person classroom. Minimize distractions: No sleeping, texting,  stay off social media , etc.  

Webcam presence — Use webcam and Zoom video if you have the ability and it is appropriate for class dynamics. Use a virtual background if necessary to reduce distractions in the background.

Webcam Presence Cannot be Insisted Upon — Some students do not have the bandwidth or control over their immediate surroundings to use a webcam consistently during class. In the interests of fairness, faculty must respect each student's circumstances.

Be Respectful

Dress for face-to-face — Be aware of your appearance and impact on screen. Be as professional as possible, to promote a focused learning environment. 

Respect Other Students — In discussions and small group activities, use language appropriate to an in-person classroom setting.

Be Safe

No Driving — Driving during a meeting is prohibited /not recommended  for safety  and a stable internet connection. If a student needs to drive to a location with connectivity, she or he should plan to arrive and stop driving before the start of a class or office hour session.


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