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Forming Small Groups with Breakout Rooms

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Zoom's Breakout Rooms feature lets you temporarily divide your class into small groups. You can also...

  • Go into and out of small groups while breakout rooms are being used
  • Start and stop small groups more than once during a class session
  • Manually (usually preferred) or automatically assign individuals to breakout rooms

Tip - The Breakout Rooms feature is enabled for all IAIA Zoom Pro accounts.

  • Only the meeting host can start a breakout room session.
  • If this feature isn't available, you may be using a non-IAIA Zoom account, or you may be a staff member who has a Zoom Basic account.
Click here to see a Short Video About Breakout Rooms

Starting a Breakout Session

You can start breakout sessions at any time during your Zoom meeting.

Visiting Breakout Rooms (teacher/host only)

Tip - As the meeting host, you can enter and exit any Breakout Room freely. Or you can remain outside.

Ending a Breakout Session (host only)

Tip - If you enable the option, students can exit their breakout room into the main Zoom class session at any time. (See Step 4 in Starting a Session above.)

You can message students to leave their breakout rooms at any time. Or you can give a command that closes them all in 60-seconds.


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