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Signing up for a Zoom Pro Account (New or Upgrade)

Every IAIA Faculty has been assigned with Zoom Pro account. Look for an email from Zoom and follow the instruction as follows. 

For those who have already a Zoom account using IAIA email

For those of you who have already a Zoom associated account with IAIA email address, you will receive an email stating that you will need to approve this request. After clicking "Approve the Request" in the email, follow the instruction.

For those who haven't signed up for Zoom


  1. Open your IAIA Email and find an email from ZOOM
  2. Click "Activate Your Zoom Account"
  3. Browser should lead you to Zoom website - Choose "Sign up with Password"
  4. For your password, try Empower password for consistency. (Or any password you usually use)
  5. Copy the "Personal Meeting Link"
  6. Paste in Canvas Syllabus page



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