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About Blueprint Template (Generic Resources for Students)

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This article discusses what Blueprint is and how it is connected to all the Canvas courses.

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  • Academic Tech manages blueprint template courses by each department.
  • The contents managed by AT are imported prior to Course Shell set-up.
  • Any generic materials can be published or unpublished by instructors.


  • Blueprint Template Course - Academic Tech designs the blueprint course. This tool allows us to synchronize certain generic resources.
  • Contents - Canvas-specific contents such as pages, discussions, assignments.
  • Sync - "Importing" of contents is a similar idea, but with Blueprint course, it synchronizes throughout the courses that have been associated with our blueprint course.

Locked and Unlocked Contents

Academic Tech determines which contents to be locked or unlocked. For instance, if the content is about Bookstore information, we will lock the information. If the content is meant to be edited, we will leave it unlocked.

  • Locked contents - As an instructor of the course, you will not be able to edit the contents.
  • Unlocked contents - As an instructor of the course, you will be able to edit the contents.

Publish or Unpublish

At any time, you can publish or unpublish the contents that were added by Academic Tech. Even if the contents are "locked" you can unpublish the contents.

  • Publish - Once the Canvas contents are published, students can see them.
  • Unpublish - Once the Canvas contents are unpublished, students cannot see them.
What are these contents?

It depends on which department the course belongs to or what kind of course it is (on-campus/online). Either way, the contents will be generic to the courses. See the example contents below.

***This example is subjected to change at any time.

Once the course is associated with blueprint template, Academic Tech will be able to sync contents anytime. For instance, if we needed to update the Campus Bookstore information page, we will be able to update and sync the contents right away.


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