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What is a Cross-listing or Cross-listed Course?

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  • Canvas Terminology: 'Course Shells' are for course contents; 'Course Sections' are for enrollments.
  • 'Cross-listing' means Sections that contain enrollment are listed under one Course Shell.
  • Once the semester starts, you will not be able to cross-list (merge) sections so please make a request about cross-listing possibly even before you copy course contents/start building course contents.

Cross-listing allows instructors to have one course shell and two different sections listed if you teach the same course but have two sections. You can utilize this feature to manage course contents for two sections (e.g. ENGL.101.01 and ENGL.101.02).

Requesting a cross-listing

Go to our AT Support Help Form

Cross-listed courses Examples

Is Cross-listing Right For You?

Cross-listing can be right for you if...

  • You teach two sections for the same course. (MW for section 1 and T/TR for section 2)
  • You generally conduct your class in the very similar way for both sections.

Checking Enrollments (Sections) in a Cross-listed Course

Cross-listing is recommended when you teach multiple sections of the same course. All students in each section see the same course content.


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