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How To Enable the Unicheck Plagiarism Checker in Canvas

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The Unicheck plagiarism checker tool is enabled in Canvas until the end of October, 2020 as trial. Please contact Nami Okuzono  [email protected] to comment on your experience using Unicheck.

Read Me!

We hope you find the Unicheck plagiarism checker useful. Here are some details you should know:

  • Unicheck is a supplemental tool. It does not replace your own review and feedback to students.
  • Unicheck does not compare works against  paid research papers or articles.
  • Unicheck checks sources against the open accessed Internet sources.

Example of a Unicheck report page.

Similarity Report 27783507 - Unicheck - Vivaldi

Enabling Plagiarism Checker (Unicheck) in Assignment Setting

Assignment-level Activation -- Unicheck only works for assignments you select. You must activate it for individual assignments as desired. For example, you might want to activate Unicheck only for multi-page assignments, rather than short papers.

Enabling Plagiarism Checker Unicheck is easy!

Here is a quick guide to enable for your selected assignments:

  1. Go to your course
  2. Open an assignment of your choice. (You can only turn on Plagiarism Checker per an assignment)
  3. Edit the assignment of your choice. Scroll down to find "Plagiarism Review" section.
  4. Under the dropdown, select "Unicheck"
  5. Once "Unicheck" is selected, under the "Show students report" dropdown, select "Never" (Optional, but recommended)
Setting up the Tool

Viewing the Report in SpeedGrader

Viewing the Plagiarism Checker Report:

  1. Navigate to SpeedGrader for the assignment of your choice.
  2. Click on the colored Rate icon on left. - This is very subtle!
  3. Once you click, the report from Unicheck will be displayed.
Paper One | Compare & Contrast , SpeedGrader, Native American Art History I - Vivaldi

Enabling Plagiarism Checker For Past Assignments

Can I turn on Plagiarism Checker for the past assignments? - Yes, you can!

  • Go through the same exact process "Enabling Plagiarism Checker" section above.
  • Once Unicheck is enabled, go to SpeedGrader for the assignment you selected.

Once you are in Speedgrader...

  1. On the right, you should see "Resubmit to Unicheck" - click this, and wait for a bit.
  2. Refresh Browser, then the tiny colored rate icon should show up. Click the rate icon.


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