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Managing Cross-listed Course Contents

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This article explains how to manage Cross-listed course contents

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You will not have to create duplicate of assignments or any other course contents.

Quick Guide

For Assignments: You will "Add" multiple Due Date per section.

For Weekly pages: You can omit due dates to avoid any confusion.

For Announcements: You can select one section to make an announcements individually.

For Grading: You can select section to focus on one section at a time.


You only need one assignment then define multiple Due Dates for each section. (No need for duplication of assignments)

Weekly Activities pages

Academic Technology provides "Fluid Design Template" for those who would like to utilize. If you already have been utilizing the template, you have Weekly Activities pages. Managing Weekly Activities pages for Cross-listed course can be tricky.

  • You may prefer to include all due dates. You may do so, but it can be very tedious and time-consuming.
  • You can also not include due dates in Weekly Activities pages, but make sure to have defined Due Dates in each Assignment.

Example image below.


You can make announcements individually to each section.

Grading (SpeedGrader)

When it grading in SpeedGrader, you can also focus on one section at a time.

Managing Cross-listed course contents can seem difficult at first. However, once you get used to the idea and workflow, you will be able to have easier time managing one course shell rather than two course shells.

Please make an appointment with Academic Technology to go over more in-depth training on how to manage Cross-listed Course Contents.

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