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Taking Attendance in Canvas

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Canvas can help you take attendance with a few quick clicks. Then you can use the Canvas attendance record later as you enter the "official" attendance into Empower. You can also use Canvas' attendance feature to automatically calculate points for course attendance/participation.

Canvas can help you take attendance (but can't replace Empower)
Even if you take attendance in Canvas, you must still enter class attendance into Empower.

Tip - It can be very quick and convenient to take attendance via Canvas during class. For example, you can take attendance via your mobile phone using the Canvas Teacher app. (Learn More)

The Attendance View

Is available in from the navigation menu. (If you don't use it, or don't publish the Roll Call Attendance feature, it does nothing and has no effect on grade calculations.) You can set attendance with a list or seating chart view.

Using Attendance to Calculate Course Participation Points

You can use the Canvas attendance feature to calculate points for course participation. Canvas does this by creating an "assignment" for attendance. All you need to do is enter the total number of participation points available throughout the term. Canvas will add points for each date of marked attendance. You can even set the partial points given when a student is tardy.

Assignments: Creative and Critical Inquiry

You can adjust the percentage of normal attendance points when students are tardy (or leave early).

Course Details: Creative and Critical Inquiry


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