Adding Your Syllabus to Canvas

The Syllabus element in Canvas displays a summary of all course discussions, assignments, and quizzes. This section can also contain a copy of your course syllabus

Read Me:
Always put your course syllabus into the syllabus element. This standard makes it easy for all IAIA students to locate it in every Canvas course.

Quick Start:
Display the Syllabus element, then click Edit. 

Syllabus Template:
In case you don't have one already, the link below downloads a copy of the current syllabus template

Current Syllabus Template (in Dropbox)

Converting Your Word Syllabus to PDF

This step is recommended. For one thing, it's more difficult for someone to modify. This step takes about 30 seconds.

Customizing the Syllabus (step-by-step) [click here to start]

Your Canvas syllabus is ready. 

Make sure you Publish your course, to make it visible to your students


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